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The Agents of Change!

Our Mission


The iCatch promise revolves around 4 elements; create the greatest impact possible, ensure a flawless execution, deliver & follow through with a premium campaign that provides the best value for money.

These 4 elements go together with our 4 corporate colors; each of which represents a service iCatch offers to our most valued clients. Guess what? All of our clients are just as valued!

It’s our job to provide you with the support you need to follow through a successful OOH campaign. Let’s give you an example? How do you decide if you need more in store campaigns for your FMCG product for instance? Well if impulse buying is a hall mark of that product category, an in store activity would do well to grab those unsure customers.

This valuable insight is exactly what is needed for any promotional campaign, but it’s not just insights we here at iCatch build on. It’s everything from site selection to vendor relationship management. Our established partners within the industry work with us to guarantee quality, cost reduction, & a number of fringe benefits that simply may not be gathered if you were left alone in the attempt to even gather pricing information for instance.

Friendly Support 24/07

Our production facilities are active around the clock so you need not worry about any printing or skin damage issues whatsoever.

Established Industrial Relationships

We know every vendor & relevant individual within our industry to ensure that your firm is provided with the best package deal available. In fact, our personal estimates have even suggested that our relationships have increased eye ball counts by a SIGNIFICANT margin, which otherwise wouldn’t have been possible on more or less the same budget.

Pixel Perfect Design

We mean that, not only can we create remarkable 3d visualizations through our in house design team, but our recommendations tend to enhance relevant content visibility. Couple that with our own printing facility & you’ve got a recipe for zero stress on your part.


Funfacts About Agency

Extravagant experience, a number of clients, & a multitude of campaigns later, iCatch is a growing & rapidly evolving firm with the same momentum it had on Day 1 of operations.

We’re the only agency in Pakistan that has capitalized on industrial trends; both local & foreign for the purpose of introducing more involving, exciting, & eye catching outdoor advertisement varieties within the country.

Here’s a fact for you…..iCatch has overcome engineering challenges plenty of times to ensure that creative work is displayed in a timely manner that builds on our unique site selection process.

Did you know that as an agency we have no asset specificity based restrictions? The whole country & almost every known site is accessible to us & could be utilized as part of your campaign if we deem it important.


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Meet Our People

We are passionate, hardworking, & constantly reevaluating to determine the right course of action for your brand & campaign. At the risk of boasting about ourselves, we’ve got exactly what it takes to ensure your young, growing, or mature product & brand gets the exposure it deserves.